Readings 02 – Sorting “Sorting Things Out” Out

A few things got in my way in terms of timeliness (lol dissertation) but if you’re still with us we’ve picked a new reading!

Bowker, Geoffrey C., and Susan Leigh Star. Sorting things out: Classification and its consequences. MIT press, 2000. (PDF)

Target reading:
Chapter 1: “Some Tricks of the Trade in Analyzing Classification”

To do:
– read and write a 1000 word response and post on the blog within a month or so. Use the text as a prompt to present a relevant aspect of your work, if any.  If you’d prefer your piece to be reviewed before being posted publicly, set the status of the post in WordPress to ‘Draft’ (where it would normally say ‘Published’).

– Let us know if you can join us for a google hangout on Thursday 3/19 at 12 noon EST / 5pm GMT. our last chat was really informative and I look forward to picking up where we left off.

All the best,

Ezra (and Eamonn)


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